We Are The Debt Free Guys. With over 14 years of experience in financial services, we still mismanaged our money and acquired over $51,000 worth of credit card debt. To take control of our personal finances, we created a plan and paid our debt off in three years. Nine years later, we are sharing with others the four principles of a debt free life that we learned the hard way. We are helping others recognize their full potential and live a debt free and fun life. We can help you, too.

Were You Blue Monday?                                 

In addition being Martin Luther King Day last Monday, January 19th, it was "Blue Monday". That’s because experts claimed it was the unhappiest day of the year. This was due to a combination of factors, including being in the midst of a dearth of holidays, the gloominess of the winter season, failed resolutions and financial and weight struggles.

Why You Must Diversify Your Income Stream                                    

Face it. Not only can't we rely on employers to help us attain riches nor secure our retirement, we can no longer rely on them to help us earn a living wage.

While everyday workers have struggled to survive the "new normal", employers have laid-off workers and performed acrobats to pass immigration reform. It seems the only thing the ruling class (Big Business, Republicans and Democrats) agrees on is the imperative to bus in millions of potential, low-wage employees. The reason for this urgency changes from week to week.

Today we celebrate that sometimes creamy, sometimes chunky goodness known as peanut butter. We love it so much we eat it straight out of the jar. We’re not the only fans. The average American consumes about six pounds of the viscous legumes each year. 

For the average American, their home is their biggest asset. That made this an important week, as most of its economic news was of the housing variety. The week started with another Monday with many Americans staying in their biggest asset, this time to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.