Financial Freedom with Unwavering Principles


Last weekend I surprised David with a weekend trip to Winter Park, CO, a mountain and ski town about 78 miles west of Denver. It's our favorite mountain because it maintains a small town feel and isn't too touristy. 

As we maintain a debt free lifestyle, we must be #moneyconscious even when we treat ourselves. 

Never Say NEVER                                               

The following is a guest post from Stefanie O’Connell of The Broke and the Beautiful Life. We’re fond of Stefanie’s blog. In fact, she’s been one of our Money Masters. Visit her site and sign up for her RSS feed. 

The Cost of Committing to NEVER

As a vegetarian, I hear a lot of “I could NEVER give up meat”.  While some people are being knowingly overdramatic in their declaration, others really believe it; they can’t fathom their world without animal protein.  

All in all for the week America’s economic news gave Americans something of which to be happy. Everything else, however, sucked like Justin Bieber to the ALS ice bucket challenge.