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#9 on iTunes' iBooks!

#9 on iTunes' iBooks!

Barron's September 20th issue mentioned a recent survey that suggests only 43 percent of millennials are saving for retirement. Considering the current job market and its impact on this cohort, we think that's pretty good. What's interesting is the additional information that Barron's shared.

I'm going to tell you two tales. One tale is a sad story with a lingering dark cloud. The second tale is a tale with a silver lining. 


There is actually a day that celebrates menopause. The intent of World Menopause Day is to spread the awareness of menopause. We think most women and any man who’s been around a woman is well aware of menopause. This title, however, is apropos of this week's stock market, which was hot and cold and hot and cold. 

It was good for the stock market that this week had a light flow of economic news.