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On Monday, July 21st, both Chipotle and Netflix released second quarter 2014 earnings. Chipotle's second quarter 2014 revenue was up 28 percent to $1.05 billion. Netflix net income more than doubled to $71 million in the second quarter from $29 million from second quarter 2013. Both companies crushed analyst, investor and, likely, their own expectations. This caused both stocks to soar in afterhours trading on Monday and subsequent sessions thereafter.

What does this mean?

Your Kids Suck                                                     

Your kids are a money suck. Let us tell you why this hurts your long-term financial plans.

We were at a BBQ in the mountains the other night. We hadn't seen many of these people since last summer, some even longer ago. The house was beautiful with picturesque views of the mountains and trees. We grilled, had several versions of potato salad and more than our fair share of sweets. Our contribution was our poor man's sangria and blue cheese and bacon potato salad.

Bake yourself bagels for breakfast today in honor of National Bagelfest Day and take in some extra calories. No, that's not a sensible thing to do in the middle of swimsuit season, but neither is scheduling a carb-loaded national holiday in the same season.

As for economic news, it was nearly as concerning as the possibility that Cher may have never recorded one of our biggest hits