Financial Freedom with Unwavering Principles


A recent study widely reported on Monday, August 18, 2014 said 36 percent of Americans have $0 saved for retirement and 36 percent of working Americans have $1,000 or less saved for retirement. Amazingly, 14 percent of people age 65 and older have less than $1,000 set aside for retirement, and a “well duh” moment occurs when we learn that percentage increases with the decrease in age.

Should You Borrow from Your Retirement?                                                                             

The other day a reader of our blog, whom we will call Anna Nimmity, asked if it is a good idea to take a loan out on her 401(k) to pay off $10,000 worth of credit card debt. Our immediate response was no! Unfortunately, we did not have time to immediately elaborate and in the meantime Anna took out a loan. Though she appreciated our advice, she now has peace of mind having paid off her debt. Peace of mind cannot be overlooked. As pragmatists, however, we cannot help but think the regret will follow.


Your whole life is a lie. The fortune cookie did not originate in China. Rather, it was originally concocted in California in the early 20th Century by a Japanese restaurant no less. That may or may not be true, but a lot we believe isn't true and those lies don’t keep us awake at night. With enough wine, this week’s inconsistent and incongruent economic news didn't keep us up at night, either.