We're Not Financially Perfect                        

Sure, we put on a united front. All of our posts and books are written and reviewed by each other several times before they're published. So, it seems as though we are 100 percent in sync financially. And, for the most part, we are.  

51 percent of Americans didn't save for retirement in 2014 and, unfortunately, missed out on significant stock market gains. The most cited reason for not saving for retirement is lack of investment knowledge.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll discuss the most common investments types. With this information, you can build a foundation of investment knowledge. You’ll be able to make better decisions as to which investments are appropriate for you or give you enough information to ask more questions.

Do it! Drink a bunch of mulled wine and go caroling. Nothing says "Christmas" like a gaggle of sloshed carolers trampling your lawn or Bill O'Reilly's annual cry about the "War on Christmas". Someone has books to sell.

This week's subheading inspiration is actually just "Go Caroling Day". We took artistic liberty, as if there's any left in the U.S. not approved by Kim Jong Il's mini-me, and added "Get Drunk" because, well, that's what we'd do.

Overall, this week in economics fared better than Madonna's trust in security. Housing remains the unpredictable drunk girl at your office holiday party. Why must she be so loud and so close?!